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Anthony Llabres​

FDN of SW Florida

(239) 478-3082


Military Service:​

US ARMY Professional Aviation/ Honorably Discharged 1986

US Air Force Reserves: Medical Technician Honorably Discharged 2001

Federal Government Professional Aviation


  • Associates in Science USNY
  • Bachelors in Science USNY 1997 (Biology/Psychology/Chemistry) BSc
  • Veteran United States Air Force Reserve Medical Technician: Honorably Discharged 2001
  • MS  Molecular Medicine 2022
  • Graduate School: Masters Medical Sciences/Molecular Medicine
  • Medical Researcher
  • Graduate training in Advanced  Cell Biology, Oncology, Immunology, Virology
  • Certified Kalish Practitioner (Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine)​
  • Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner FDN-P
  • Certified Advanced Functional Medicine Blood Lab Analysis
  • Certified School of Applied Functional Medicine (Master's Level)
  • Certified Functional Medicine University
  • Certified Wellguard Practitioner (Allergy Testing ELISA/LRA/ACT)
  • Kresser Institute of Functional Medicine ADAPT Platform
  • Blood Chemistry Advanced Practitioner Training
  • Perque Advanced Practitioner Certified
  • Metabolic Fitness Professional: Dr Bryan Walsh
  • Functional Hormone Training Worldlink Medical
  • Consultations for most Functional Medicine Testing
  • Ambassador for Optimal DX Functional Lab Interpretation Software
  • Mentor and Facilitator at multiple Functional Medicine Institutions
  • Certified Personal Trainer


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About Anthony Llabres

As a Certified Practitioner I am able to work with clients around the world in advancing their health and wellness goals. With the Functional/Integrative approach, I can investigate underlying body systems efficiencies such as the hormone, immune, digestive, detoxification, and brain systems. I have numerous certifications and degrees that can be seen in my Bio. To be clear, I am not an allopathic physician of any kind nor a credentialed nutritionist. I have the ability and training to identify research, interpret complex physiology and use 1st amendment and freely available information to assist practitioners and clients in making informed decisions with their providers regarding their health and wellness. One should always refer to their professional medical team as always.

My Story

In 1982 I enlisted in the United States Army. My travels took me to Texas, Alabama, Germany, Kansas and finally to the Federal Aviation Administration in 1987. Through this journey I never stopped weight training and reading about Health, Fitness and Nutrition. While I loved my job, I always felt as though something was missing! I wanted to know more about the human body and it's biology. That led me to study and attain a 4 year degree in the Biological Sciences/Chemistry in 1997 through USNY. Additionally I opted to continue my military service and enlisted in the medical field with the US Air Force Reserves Medical Corps (Med Tech). My reserve duties took me to Homestead AFB and Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. I was honorably discharged after 8 years of duty.

At the age of  35 something was terribly wrong. I did not feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on the problem. My detective mind was hard at work trying to analyze the negative symptoms I was encountering. I mean life was great right? I had a fantastic job, great personal life, played ice hockey and weight trained regularly. Everything was supposed to be going well. But everything wasn’t well. I started to have intermittent brain fog, fractional urination and unanticipated weight gain around the midsection. How could I be suffering from these ailments when I had not changed much in the way of diet, exercise and nutrition? I should be healthy, but my health was failing. 

Allopathic Professionals advised me that all "LOOKED NORMAL" with my bloodwork! I researched my symptoms, purchased online lab testing and self-diagnosed that I was suffering from prostate hypertrophy and declining hormone levels. After running a few lab tests and discussing the issue with some scholarly research chemists, I opted for self directed Hormone Replacement Therapy as not one provider would treat me. Within 3 days the FOG lifted and within 2 weeks of therapy, my symptoms began to noticeably improve. I was feeling NORMAL once again after a few months. Energy, clear mind, urinary flow were returning to normal. I never stopped reading, asking questions on forums and discussing anti-aging with experts in their respective fields. Surely there was a REASON, a "Root Cause" for my symptoms! If I could find the answers, I could teach others how to avoid my mistakes. Eventually I understood that my SHIFT-WORK had turned my circadian rhythm upside down causing my hormone depletions and dysfunctions. 

Fast forward to early 2000s. I began to focus on an area of healthcare called Functional Medicine. Many Allopathic Credentialed Providers were leaving their traditional practices for work in this field. They were actually treating the body systems as a whole and not merely treating patient symptoms. I knew I was getting closer to something big! Had I found my "niche"? 

 As a certified practitioner through many organizations, I am able to work with clients around the world. Practitioners cannot diagnose or treat specific diseases as a rule, but the real beauty of the Functional approach is that we can work on underlying body systems such as the Hormone, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification and Brain which just so happen to alleviate or eliminate top complaints that many patients bring to their physicians. 

Through this work and the DRESS code (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplementation), clients are coached through a structured model that they can use throughout their lives to remain healthy and vibrant. 

It was through the Functional Approach that I designed a personal recovery protocol that would assist me with healing after Total Shoulder Replacement in October 2014. 4 weeks post-op, my physical therapist said he had never seen anything like it. He asked me how I was healing so fast and so well. 2 weeks later my surgeon advised the same. He said he had never seen anything like it. Things were going so well my physician released me from physical therapy, and advised me, “to keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing”. While I did credit my surgeon for his professionalism and great skills, there was much going on behind the scenes with my nutrition and DRESS principles. I began my protocol about 1 month pre-op and continued it through 20 weeks post-op. That is the power of a Functional Medicine Approach!

It’s my mission to share my knowledge, (and the knowledge of others), who are experts in their field with you! I don't claim to have all the answers. The answers to your health concerns are out there and through my resources we can design a protocol to address underlying body malfunctions that can address your issues. In this day and age, we all have dysfunctions and imbalances in our bodies. It’s my job to do the detective work to unravel the mysteries surrounding your health concerns. People are getting sicker earlier in life than ever before. Many woman are having difficulty conceiving and don’t know why. Modern medicine may not have the answer to what ails you. The Whole Person Approach may very well have that answer. I know it did for me. The body must be evaluated for and appreciated for its interconnectedness and sadly our current medical system simply fails us in this regard!

I desire that as people age, they age gracefully and thrive, not merely exist as though nothing can be done to improve their poor state of health. That’s my personal goal for you as well. 

In Good Health….


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