FDN of SW Florida LLc:  Anthony Llabres CFM-P, BSc. FDN-P

 Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner/Consultant/Health Coach/Educator/Mentor

Another satisfied client... Makes my heart smile...

I am feeling significantly better overall. 

With the exception of the flare up prior to my period, I have felt a lot better.

Overall, I notice my response to stress is lowered. While I still get agitated, the duration of time I stay annoyed has decreased. I don’t feel as edgy, or bitchy for that matter. I really like the adrenal program I am on now. My sleep has improved, I think that’s due to a few reasons. 

1) I don’t drink nearly as much anymore, and not before bed.
2) Our daughter is not waking up 20 times a night  (Thanks to you!)
3) My hubby and I are in a more solid place in our marriage, quite honestly, and it is not as stressful.
4) the htp/magnesium/melatonin combo is my go to. It allows me to fall into a deeper sleep and stay there.

I feel like I don’t have that crash in the middle of the day anymore. While I’m tired from just being a mom, I don’t feel like I’m going to collapse. It’s not that rush of energy and then a crash and burn. I have sustained energy all day long. I feel much more alert and alive. Again, drinking much less, it certainly helps that too:)

Since I am about four days past the last day of my period, I feel great in that area! Once my period comes it’s like a relief when I have the flare ups...it goes away almost immediately. So now I feel good again.

My stomach and diet are constantly feeling better...and if I do get an upset stomach I use the gastromend and it really helps. The digestive enzymes for me at every meal are key. If I forget to take it I can tell.

So far so good. 

I do feel like I’m improving my overall health and well being and it feels really freaking good.