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   Anthony J. LLabres/Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner/Health Coach


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One of my most important missions in life is to promote science based information and products to my clients. With so much misinformation circulating the internet these days, people are just confused about what to do to improve their health. While there are many "gray areas" out there, we should agree to "DO NO HARM". I understand the rationale of bio-individuality as well. What works for one may not be efficacious for another. With that in mind it is my desire to promote vendors that produce and sell goods that are environmentally sustainable, safe, results oriented, reasonably priced and overall wonderful for thriving health. If you are such a company, please feel free to contact me with your information. I will be happy to review your products and provide feedback. 
My clients health is my first priority, so please keep that in mind. It's not about a "quick buck" or the "next gimmick" for me. I have invested my personal time, funds and energy into this venture. So please make sure your goals align with mine and those of my clients. 

"Living Life @ OPTIMAL".....


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