FDN of SW Florida

                                                                               Functional Diagnostic Nutrition: 

An emerging field and growing body of work that bridges the gap between Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.




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Lab Analysis Service:

Functional Lab Evaluation are now being offered. I have completed training with a World Renowned Functional Medicine Physician who is an expert in lab interpretation. Through this thorough training I am offering services to assist you with understanding your lab results. Targeted nutritional/supplementation protocols will be established to assist you in your goals of optimal health and vitality. 

Labs included: CBC, CMP, Iron, Thyroid, Inflammation, Minerals, Hormones and many more...

Annual Fee for unlimited Labs:$500
Per Lab = $200 per lab

We can combine coaching and labs at anytime! This is included FREE with 12 month coaching purchase.

15 minute consult: FREE ($100/hour available in 15 minute increments)

New patient Intake: $200 Includes up to 1 Hour consult with recommendations for lab testing 

(Fee waived if package purchased)

Client Packages:


Free 15 Minute Consult/Imterview

$3000 Annually for unlimited coaching, protocols and lab evaluations. This is a complete service and includes all service I offer. Labs  and supplements are additional but heavily discounted in most cases. 

Hourly Rate = $200/hour in 15 minute increments